Professor Petter Bjørstad wants to bring new ideas as well as constructive critisism to the central leadership of UiB.
Professor Petter Bjørstad wants to bring new ideas as well as constructive critisism to the central leadership of UiB.

- The future of our university depends on your vote!


Dear member of the faculty staff at the University of Bergen!

I am writing this message in English, since I want the UiB to remain and further evolve to a strong, visible, international university.

This week is election to the University Board. Please click here, and enter your vote as a “1” in the box in front of my name, if you find that my views, experience and independent mind should influence the direction of our university in the next 4 years.

UiB has taken some important and correct decisions in the period with structural changes (mergers) that are now behind us. We have chosen to remain a broad, discipline based university, where quality in research shall be the foundation for quality in education.

UiO is the (only) other university in Norway that has chosen the same path. It is therefore important in the next term, to work with UiO - we share common interests and a common future. At the same time, we must have a clear ambition that all our teaching and research activity shall compare favorably when reviewed. We must use our comparative advantages - there are many outstanding universities that do not depend on being particularly large.

I want emphasis on actions that foster quality research environments in all UiB departments and centers, this is my first priority. UiB must develop to become an even more attractive place of work for talented faculty. This applies to our current staff as well as to all the excellent staff that we must succeed in recruiting. I have a special commitment to make the career development for young talents more structured and predictive. This is particularly important for young, females.

Basic research must be the foundation across all faculties. I welcome our new faculty of Art, Music and Design. We must work for appropriate changes to the current financing of higher education in Norway. A new model must encourage different roles and healthy competition. Today, the model pushes in a direction of 11 equal universities, none of which will be very visible outside of Norway.

International quality is the main prerequisite to succeed as a preferred place of study. We must continue with established as well as new ways to educate our students. The personal meeting between young, curious students and competent professors at UiB, will become our biggest advantage in a world where knowledge may be aquired through many (digital) channels. The divsion of work and the diffence in profile, that will develop in the educational system in Norway, must be exploited such that the most talented students increasingly will prefer to study at UiB. UiB shall be among the most prestigious universities in Norway, widely recognized internationally.

I have served as a deputy member in the past period. I have learned how the board functions, now is the time to take a full seat at the University Board. I have a proven experience with building quality research environments. It is inspiring to know that some of UiBs most outstanding faculty have put my name forward. To a large extent, this is all about directing resources to help build disciplines and to recruit excellent talent. I will make this priority number one. The UiB central leadership must receive new ideas as well as constructive critisism, these are the fundamental tasks and responsibility of the board. The board must consist of independent minds with broad experience and proven integrity with one common goal - the best for UiB. I am such a person.

The future of our university depends on your vote, please do participate!