New Job: Esther Kraus Gundersen

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Esther Kraus Gundersen is a new employee at the newly opened medical centre. The doctors will soon be ready to help university employees and students who do not have their own GP.

Name: Esther Kraus Gundersen
New job: Doctor at “Legene på høyden”
Previous job
: Substitute doctor
: Medical degree – UiB.

What is Legene på Høyden?
It’s a newly opened private medical practice with three GPs, located at Vektertorget. We began treating patients on the 2nd. January 2012 and will work closely with the UiB and SiB. In addition to being general practitioners for patients that are already on our lists, we will be able to provide emergency medical services for students who do not have their own GP in Bergen as well as for foreign university employees and their families.

What type of doctors are you?
We are general practitioners. Nicolas Øyane is also a seaman’s doctor and a specialist in sleeping disorders. Shagun Bhatia is a project-leader for Bergen City Council, focusing on sexual health issues among young people. I have a lot of Emergency Room (ER) experience and I am particularly interested in substance abuse and mental health issues. We are all very interested in preventive medicine.

Is it possible to just drop in if one needs an appointment?
We would, first and foremost, like people who want or need a new GP to change their GP. This can be done on the HELFO pages on internet. We will otherwise provide medical services for the university’s foreign employees and their families who are not entitled to have a family doctor in Norway.

We also offer “same day appointments”. This means that we can be contacted either by telephone or SMS for an appointment the same day, for almost every type of ailment. Go to our webpage or ring 52 69 51 51 for more information about changing your GP, and for additional information about us. 

Do you think that university employees are prone to certain ailments?
I think that university employees have more or less the same illnesses as other people. But many find the examination period stressful, and visit a doctor to get help.

Why did you want this job?
This is my dream job. I have always wanted to be a GP with my own list of patients. In addition to being general practitioners, we get to work with preventive measures in areas such as prenatal care, diet, lifestyle, sexual health issues, substance abuse, mental and sleeping disorders.

Is there a special reason why you wanted to work at UiB, or was it just a random choice?
The medical centre is the result of collaboration between Bergen City Council, UiB and SiB. A medical centre for students has been on the wish list for quite some time now, as students have had to sit and wait their turn in the Emergency Room in order to get help – sometimes for many hours.

Three medical positions were advertised by Bergen City Council when the decision to establish a medical centre was made. There were many applicants. We have all been interviewed and were lucky to be offered jobs. The job vacancy stated that the public health share of the work would be student related. I found this interesting and it was one of the main reasons for my application.

Legene på høyden isn’t a new TV2 soap.  It’s a new medical centre for university employees and students.  Esther Kraus Gundersen (left), Nicolas Øyrane and Shagun Bhatia are ready and waiting to help.

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