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When Professor Gudmund Hernes was made an Honorary Doctor a few weeks ago, he presented the university with the following semester assignment: find a motto!

– As far as I can tell, the University of Bergen lacks something: a motto, said Hernes during his speech at the Doctor Promotion in August. 

He therefore suggested that everyone at the UiB should take part in the following semester assignment:  Suggest a motto for the University of Bergen.

Make your suggestions here! (in Norwegian)

– It should define an identity, express a fundamental attitude and sum up an overall value – in short it should be a short and compact objective, perhaps in Latin, said the honorary doctor.

See the suggestions received so far, at the bottom of the page.

A playful university
– We intend to play with the idea, says Rector Sigmund Grønmo to På Høyden.

– We haven’t had time to look into it yet, but we intend to see what we can do he elaborates.

Grønmo points out that the University of Bergen has managed to survive without a motto for a long time.

–  We will manage to do so in the future also, but Gudmund Hernes is correct when he says that it is usual for reputable research universities to have a motto.  Often in Latin, says Grønmo.

He adds laughingly that the celebration dinner, after the Doctor Promotion, did in fact have a motto in Latin:

– “Universitas Ludens” – the university that plays, was the motto for the evening, laughs Grønmo.

Would like to help
To help the university to get started on the work involved in choosing a university motto, we ask you, our readers, to tell us what you think the university motto should be.

Suggestions can be written on the form below.

Even if the university hasn’t yet made a decision regarding a motto, the Rector appreciates any help he can get.

– We look forward to receiving suggestions, says Grønmo.

– They will give us an idea about what people want and we shall see what we can do about it, he says.

Perhaps the following university mottos will provide some inspiration:

* Harvard: “Veritas”.
* Johns Hopkins: “Veritas vos liberabit”.
* Western Ontario: “Veritas et Utilitas”.
* Freie Universitet i Berlin: ”Veritas – lustitia – Libertas”.
* MIT: ”Mens et Manus”. 

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