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Kundan Kumar

Meltzer Award: 

Kundan Kumar arrived in Bergen at the end of 2015, he is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at our University. Kundan was born in India where he admitted the Indian Institute of Technology, where after his graduation he landed a job at the government funded Defense Laboratory. His work in turn led to his strong interest for mathematics.

Kundan pursued his interest through an industrial and applied mathematics course from the Erasmus Mundus program. The two-year Masters program was carried out by two chosen institutions, them being Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands and the Tecnhical University of Kaiserslautern.

After finishing his Master, Kundan continued with a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Eindhoven. His PhD thesis, ‘Upscaling of reactive flows’ was highly appreciated for the new insights regarding mathematical modeling, analysis and numerical simulations of reactive flows. Kundan received the PhD in 2012 with the predicate cum laude, which distinguishes the top 5% students. After the PhD, Kundan spent two years as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas at Austin. And he was then in turn appointed Associate Professor at our University in Bergen.

Kundan´s research is in mathematical modeling of complex flow phenomena in porous media by use of partial differential equations. His research is inspired by relevant societal applications, for example energy storage, environmental pollution, manufacturing of ion batteries, CO2 storage or enhanced oil recovery. His work involves development of mathematical models of complex processes, and to design numerical methods, which can be used by researchers in various branches, for example geologists, hydrologists or engineers, to understand coupled processes.

In the years following his PhD, Kundan has authored 22 scientific publications in outstanding international journals. His scientific performance has brought him several fellowships, grants and awards, including the prestigious SIAM Geosciences Junior Scientist Prize in 2017.

Since Kundan arrived in Bergen, he has been actively involved in generating new interdisciplinary research related to the geosciences. He was co-applicant for 6 major NFR projects totalling more than 90 mil. kroner and supporting 8 PhD students and 3 postdoctoral researchers. As a result of his involvement in the new projects, Kundan is currently main adviser for 1 PhD student and co-adviser of 5 PhD students.

Through his open, dedicated and inspiring attitude he productively disseminates knowledge, and establishes new partnerships for the benefit of himself and his colleagues. Needless to say, Kundan Kumar has made many important contributions and his work is without a doubt both independent and innovative. With this in mind it is clear that the Meltzer prize is well deserved.

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